Everybody loves to see a grizzled veteran end their career on top. Below, we identify six candidates around the NHL who could receive that opportunity leading up to the 2021 trade deadline.

Note: Effective cap hit indicates the total dollars a team will pay any player it acquires ahead of the trade deadline. It's determined by dividing a player's salary by the number of days remaining in the season. All figures dated to April 1, courtesy of Cap Friendly.

Marc Staal, Red Wings

Age: 34
Effective cap hit: $1.818 million

Depth defensemen are a popular commodity at every trade deadline. General managers with championship aspirations often take low-risk gambles on veteran rearguards that can eat up sheltered minutes or be a substitute in the event of an injury. Staal fits that bill. He's not a guy that will drive play or anchor a team's back end against top competition, but the Thunder Bay native has 107 career playoff games under his belt and offers value as a depth defender.

The Rangers bought out Staal last offseason, and he's a pending unrestricted free agent. He very well could be facing his last chance to win a Stanley Cup, and Detroit should sell every asset it can. Staal will have to waive his no-move clause to orchestrate a trade, but a chance to ride off into the sunset as a champion should be a pretty convincing reason to do so.