Jay Buhner's passion for the Seattle Mariners required him to play hurt, and he was hurt more often than he was healthy. Although Buhner retired in 2001, he's still susceptible to the occasional baseball-related malady. The other day, Buhner told ESPN 710-AM Seattle that he doesn't have the stomach to watch Ichiro Suzuki play several more seasons under a generous contract extension. Asked how he'd react if Ichiro were to agree to a three-year deal with the Mariners in the $35 million to $40 million range, Buhner said: "I'd vomit." He quickly added a disclaimer: "No offense." I'm sure none was taken. C'mon, really, how could you be offended by a guy who says your contract would make him vomit? Buhner's words were a little harsh, but he was only pointing out what a lot of us have been thinking. A fundamental premise of baseball economics holds that a contract should be awarded on the potential for productivity, and not as a reward for past achievements.