Sports aficionados based in the states will soon have the luxury of witnessing the long-awaited resumptions of its most prominent leagues that, of course, have been on hiatus in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Major League Baseball will be the first to return and will thereby give fans their first taste of these unprecedented projects. With that obviously comes a legion of potentially overlooked storylines, so let's dive into a list of some of the biggest things we're most looking forward to for the upcoming baseball season.

5. What Will the Nationals' Title Defense Look Like?

Did everybody just forget that the Washington Nationals are the defending World Series champions? It sure seems like it as the club has garnered next to zero publicity in the months leading up to the start of the 2020 season. This obviously won't be a legitimate title defense, but we can't wait to see how Washington fares following the departure of slugging third baseman Anthony Rendon in free agency. Some analysts aren't giving them a chance, but the Nationals have plenty enough talent to be one of the last teams standing when all is said and done. That, of course, is assuming they don't endure a World Series hangover.

4. If a Surprise MVP/Cy Young Emerges

The 2020 campaign will comprise of just 60 games, so there will undoubtedly be an asterisk next to the winners of the annual awards.