The Detroit Lions have a mighty tempting option that became available to them in terms of their standing in the NFL Draft with the news that Tua Tagovailoa would be skipping his senior season to head to the NFL.

Now, with Tagovailoa on the board, seemingly anything is possible in terms of what might happen in the draft. The Lions could draft the quarterback, or they could spin the pick off for a king’s ransom to a team in need of a signal caller to lead their franchise.

What the Lions decide to do will tell the tale of what happens at the top of the draft, and it could very well hinge on what happens at pick No. 3.

If the Lions make a move, who’s going to be interested? Here’s a look at the top teams that could come calling for Detroit’s pick and what they could offer in a possible trade.

Miami Dolphins

The fit here is obvious considering Miami’s need at quarterback, and if there’s one team that would have the draft capitol to pull this off, it’s the Dolphins. With pick No. 5 and No. 18, there’s plenty Miami could offer to Detroit in order to move up a few spots to ensure they select Tagovailoa. This will be an interesting game of poker to play, however, as the quarterback could always slip a few picks to Miami. Will they want to chance that happening if they love Tagovailoa, however? Put them at the top of the possible trade list.