The New York Yankees are headed to the postseason, but catcher Gary Sanchez finds himself in the doghouse heading into October. Amid the All-Star catcher’s struggles in 2020, could he be in danger of losing his starting job?

Let’s examine why the Yankees would be wise to give Sanchez another shot and why he could make a big impact in the postseason.

New York Yankees playoff roster

The New York Yankees have their playoff roster set and most of their starting lineup, as well. One position that’s up in the air? Catcher.

Aaron Boone indicated that both Gary Sanchez and Kyle Higashioka will see playing time in the postseason. Higashioka has already established himself as Gerrit Cole’s personal catcher, a preference that will carry over into the playoffs.

However, could the Yankees sit their All-Star catcher in the hunt for a World Series title? It’s a possibility, but there’s also reason to believe Sanchez deserves more at-bats.

Gary Sanchez’s stats are unlucky

It’s been a rough 2020 season for Sanchez and his stats in the box score prove it. He owns a woeful .142 batting average with a .240 OBP and is striking out in 36.5% percent of his plate appearances. While he has hit the third-most home runs among his peers (10), he ranks 28th in hits (21) among catchers.