Rat poison is something Nick Saban calls news stories, reports or anything positive about his team that may lead to his players being complacent, which will then result in the team not giving it their all.

Coach Saban, I doubt you clicked on this due to the headline, but this is your last warning, because it only gets worse from here.

No. 1 Alabama will head into Gainesville this weekend to face off against the No. 11 Florida Gators for the Crimson Tide’s third game of the season.

Here are five reasons why Alabama should easily get the win over Florida.

5. Dan Mullen can't beat Saban

There are few coaches in the nation that hold the coveted honor of having beat Nick Saban at a football game. Dan Mullen, who just won game No. 100 as an SEC coach, is not one of the coaches who has beat Saban. He is a whopping 0-10 against the legendary Alabama coach. Mullen will have to crack Saban's code in order to win, and based on the team's most recent meeting in Atlanta, and all the talent lost over the 2021 offseason, Mullen still has some work to do.