Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash and his staff only recently learned they would be without the services of one of the 20 best players in the NBA. No team, no matter how stacked, brushes off a bombshell news story like that without so much as a hiccup. Yet the absence of Kyrie Irving is already causing overreactions.

Here are 5 overreactions from the Nets’ season opening defeat in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

5) The front court rotation is going to struggle

On paper a group of Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, Nic Claxton, Paul Millsap, and others seems solid. Griffin will be fine. The others are more of a question mark.

Steve Nash gave Nic Claxton a very big opportunity. The young player struggled. Young players gain experience and get better. That we know. But Claxton, who drew the start, might be the most reliable option after Griffin in this group and he’s likely to have his ups and downs as all neophytes do. We also saw some signs that the team may need to change their defensive approach a bit when Aldridge is in to get LMA some help defending screens.

Seems like a safe bet this unit will struggle a bit.

4) Jevon Carter wasn’t wasn’t up to speed

Nash threw us a bit of a curveball here in the wing rotation.  Jevon Carter saw an impressive 19 minutes when it was still a reasonably close game. Carter likely got such a big opportunity because of his ability to knock down open shots (career 38% 3-point shooter) and harass a ball-handler. With Nash presumably placing a premium on shooting to perhaps make up for Irving’s absence, he turned to the former Grizzlies and Suns guard.