As we near the NBA All-Star break, it appears that the NBA trade rumor mill is getting hot. We’ve already broken down the potential Blake Griffin moves out there, but he’s not the only big likely to be on the move in the next few weeks. According to both Woj and Shams, the Cavs are going to trade Andre Drummond before the deadline.

Drummond is currently sitting out for the Cavs while they look for a deal, which won’t be easy based on his $28 million salary for this season. That means the Cavs have to bring back that amount of salary in any trade for Drummond, which makes things difficult. Still, there seems to be some sort of market for Drummond as teams look to improve before the playoffs. We broke down five NBA teams that should make a run at a trade for Andre Drummond before the trade deadline. 

Toronto Raptors

Might as well start with the team that has already been rumored to talk to the Cavs about a Drummond trade. The Toronto Raptors currently sit at the 7th spot in the standings and have struggled at the center position all season while starting Aaron Baynes. It’s safe to say they’re desperate for an upgrade as they go into the second half of the season. The only question here would be how to get a deal done and how much they’d be willing to give up. They can’t take on Drummond’s salary outright, so they’d have to send out some contracts to get this done. Could Kyle Lowry head somewhere else in a 3-team deal? 

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are another East team that is currently sliding down the standings in the conference. While Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are studs for this team, the big rotation and depth has been an issue, even with Robert Williams playing really well.