The Los Angeles Lakers had a very disappointing end to their season in 2021. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis missing a combined 65 games, the Lakers fell all the way to the 7th seed in a very competitive Western Conference. Of course, their chances of going back to back in championships were slim to none because of that.

But looking ahead to next season, the Lakers will need more help for James and Davis. LeBron will be 37 years old and Anthony Davis doesn't look like he will ever stay injury-free for a full season. That means the Lakers need a third star who can consistently put up points in the case that James or Davis miss time. The Lakers need that second ring because as LeBron James ages, time is running out.

Here are the 5 targets the Lakers can acquire for Kyle Kuzma, a forgotten player that simply isn't prospering in Los Angeles anymore. Kuzma had a great start to his career with the Lakers and the Purple and Gold traded all their assets except Kuzma because they believed in him. But averaging only 12.9 PPG this season won't cut it for Los Angeles, who desperately need a third piece to contend and not a young player who needs time to develop.


Buddy Hield

Trade Package: Kyle Kuzma, Dennis Schroder (Sign and Trade), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Buddy Hield averaged his lowest PPG total in 3 years, but he was still relatively consistent when he started. The swingman shot 39.1% from three this season and has a tendency to get hot when he has open looks. Sacramento were rumored to be shopping Hield to make room for Rookie of the Year contender Tyrese Haliburton, so this deal could work.

Hield would immediately become the best spot-up shooter on the Lakers roster. With either James or Davis on the floor, Hield could accumulate points with ease. His size also makes him a great defensive option for the Lakers, while the Kings continue building a young squad with the acquisition of Kyle Kuzma.


Kemba Walker

Trade Package: Kyle Kuzma, Dennis Schroder (Sign and Trade), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Kemba Walker was traded by Boston for a package around Al Horford and Moses Brown. Walker had a good first season with the Celtics but injuries have taken a toll on the 4-time All-Star. As Walker is in his 30's, he might never be fully healthy again. But that doesn't mean he can't average 20 PPG in his sleep for the Lakers.