A 60-game season changes a lot about Major League Baseball. One of the numerous changes will include player statistics looking a lot different in 2020. Anyone who approaches 20 home runs or 40 RBIs will be having a very impressive season at the plate. Where the basic counting stats will look less impressive, a shorter season means that average-based stats may look more impressive — after all, it’s a lot easier to hit .400 over the span of 60 games than it is to do it over 162.

This applies to pitchers, too. Wins and strikeouts are not going to be very high in 2020. ERAs, however, could be very low. If we’re lucky, we get a pitcher or two every five to ten years who keeps his ERA under 2.00 for an entire season. In 2020, it’s a lot more likely that we see at least one, if not more.

So which pitchers are candidates to put together a season like that? Here are five who have what it takes to do it.