We’re very near the time when NFL training camps will officially open, and while all 32 teams can have varying degrees of irrational optimism, there are plenty of intriguing questions that’ll be answered leading up to the 2021 season.

Looking ahead to NFL training camps this summer, find out the questions we’re most interested in discovering the answers to. You may not be surprised to know much of it centers around quarterbacks, because let’s face it, there’s plenty of intrigue at that position.


What is Aaron Rodgers’ status with the Green Bay Packers?

Well, we all know what’s going on. Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay, because the Packers failed to inform him of their plans to trade up and draft Jordan Love in 2020, and have just done a woeful job surrounding him with star talent throughout his tenure.

All kinds of rumors are flying around. It’d be in everyone’s best interest if the Pack just moved on and traded Rodgers. Alas, they’re apparently too stubborn to do that, and would rather continue worsening their relationship with him, make cryptic public statements and hold him against his wishes.

In the midst of all this, Love is tasked with following a living legend. No, scratch that: two living legends.

What are the chances Green Bay’s quarterback luck spans another decade after being spoiled with Brett Favre and Rodgers for all these years? Love has an exciting skill set and upside, yet it seems the odds wouldn’t favor him.


Which rookie quarterbacks will earn starting jobs?

Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson went first and second in the draft respectively. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to start Lawrence Week 1, and Wilson is taking every single rep with the New York Jets’ starters.

Even though the San Francisco 49ers traded two future first-round picks to move up and take Trey Lance No. 3 overall, the North Dakota State product will likely sit behind Jimmy Garoppolo to begin the 2021 campaign. That leaves two potentially legitimate QB competitions in training camp.

Andy Dalton will do his best to hold off the electrifying Chicago Bears rookie Justin Fields for the No. 1 gig in the Windy City. Fields brings obvious dual-threat ability Dalton simply doesn’t have, but it’s a critical year for head coach Matt Nagy, so it’ll be fascinating to see how the Bears approach this if Fields wows everyone in camp.

It’s quite the opposite in terms of skill set and experience level in the New England Patriots’ fascinating QB derby. First-year QB Mac Jones is a pure pocket passer with outstanding accuracy, while veteran and former MVP Cam Newton is at his most dangerous making plays with his legs.

All indications are that Newton and Dalton will get the nod for their teams because of their superior experience. You never know what a strong training camp can do for Fields and Jones, though.