As things stand, the world will certainly not be back to business as usual by the time normal college football season rolls around due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it seems the season is still going to happen one way or another.

How exactly this altered season will look is anyone’s guess. Delaying till spring is a much-discussed option, but has received firm pushback from at least one coach. When games finally do happen, they’ll likely be played with no or greatly reduced fan presence. 

Even before games would normally be played, programs are and will be impacted. College football is a year-round sport, and spring and summer team workouts and trainings are already out the window. When it becomes safe to play again, preseason will likely be shortened as much as possible in favor of starting the season. Obviously every single team will feel the effects of the virus, but here’s five that have more to lose than most. 

LSU Tigers

For LSU, the biggest question heading into 2020 is obvious: Who is going to replace Joe Burrow? The Tigers have options, notably redshirt junior Myles Brennan and true freshmen TJ Finley and Max Johnson. All three were four-star recruits, and each could realistically have had a shot at the starting job. 

However, now that spring camp and any in-person team activities during the summer are out the window, Brennan likely has the job locked up. Finley was practicing with the team even before their Peach Bowl appearance, but a few months is not enough time for him or Tigers’ coaches to feel confident with his fit in the system. Brennan isn’t bad and may have come out on top anyway, but more options is always better, especially for a decision as important as this one. Having the heir to Burrow’s crown being picked essentially by default can’t be what Tigers fans were hoping for.

Georgia Bulldogs