With ESPN's "The Last Dance" whetting the appetite of folks desperate for any sort of sports content, theScore editors joined together to look back at some of the most captivating narratives that might deserve similar treatment earned by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dynasty.

Today, we're looking at five college football documentaries we'd love to see:

'Johnny Football'

Johnny Manziel's ascent from relative unknown to Heisman Trophy winner was fast, fun, and phenomenal. However, the ensuing spotlight and pressure seemed to engulf him. After two roller-coaster seasons as Texas A&M's starting quarterback, Manziel lasted just two seasons in the NFL.

There are few subjects whose careers would be as fascinating to document as Manziel's, both for the way he was able to captivate college football fans on the field and the troubles that ultimately denied him a chance to stick in professional football. The documentary would go back to Manziel's upbringing in Texas and his emergence as a high school superstar. It would take us through his Heisman Trophy-winning redshirt freshman season and the remarkable performances against Alabama and Oklahoma.

It would also document Manziel's struggles off the field and the difficulties of dealing with stardom at a young age, which was discussed in Wright Thompson's story from 2013.

'Gator Chomp'