Now that the Pacers want to have Domantas Sabonis play more minutes at the center spot, it seems Myles Turner may no longer have a place in the rotation. Considering the lack of big men that will be available in this year’s free agent class, it can definitely be expected that lots of teams will be showing interest in Turner.

Not to mention a multi-talented big man in the modern NBA is a rarity and is something that will catch the eye of many teams who are looking to make a deep playoff push next season. With the Pacers looking to start a new chapter and Myles Turner looking to play for a contender, let’s take a look at the five best trade destinations for him during the 2021 NBA offseason.


Golden State Warriors 

In the Bay Area, Myles Turner would be a godsend for a Warriors team that’s been in dire need of more length and bulk in their frontcourt over the past couple of seasons. In addition to giving them top-notch rim protection and rebounding, Turner is also a terrific shot blocker and would be their defensive anchor while providing them with some much-needed interior defense. This would give a ton of relief to Draymond Green, who is currently their best defender.

Not to mention his well-rounded offensive game would do wonders for Golden State’s up-tempo style. With his ability to finish strong at the rim and provide them with some reliable outside shooting, Turner would create even more scoring opportunities for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson while thriving in the pick-and-roll game. This offseason the Warriors are looking to add young talent that will make an immediate impact during their playoff push next season, and with the addition of Myles Turner they’d be getting the best of both worlds.


Miami Heat

Looking to bounce back in a major way next season with the hopes of making another deep playoff run, the Miami Heat are looking to reshuffle their roster and add some size and depth to their frontline. The addition of Myles Turner would do wonders for them, and with his can-do attitude he’d be a perfect fit for the Heat culture. As mobile big man that can play power forward or center, he would fit perfectly with their style of position-less basketball.

Not to mention his well-rounded game on both ends would give the Heat the perfect big man to playing alongside Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Between their defensive tenacity, athleticism, and multi-faceted scoring approach, they’d be a nightmare scenario for opposing teams on both ends of the floor. With this move, the Heat would move back into the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference and be poised for another surprise run to the NBA Finals. Only this time with the hopes of bringing back the Larry O’Brien trophy to South Beach.