It might seem like he’s been around forever, but best believe Lance can still make ’em dance. Free agent guard Lance Stephenson, still only age 30 (surprising, right?), and he recently held a private workout on Friday, according to Chris Haynes.

Stephenson averaged 26.7 points per game last year with the Flying Leopards in the Chinese Basketball Assocation – he clearly hasn’t lost his game. With several contending teams rumored to have attended, let’s rank what the top 5 suitors for Lance’s talents would be.


5. Los Angeles Lakers

The common perception of Lance Stephenson’s 2018-2019 season with the Lakers is that it was a mess, filled with more awkward gaffes than high-level production. However, upon closer inspection, Lance was surely not to blame for the Lakers’ woes. Stephenson shot 37.1% from beyond the arc and 47.2% inside it, which were both better than league average, and he proved to be a decent complement to a roster made for LeBron James’ first year in Hollywood. Though James was the sole All-Star, the team was primed as the four-seed in a competitive Western Conference until he went down with an injury. James, as the one who initially recruited Stephenson at the time, clearly feels that Stephenson’s game brings something unique and valuable (and funny) to the table.


4. Milwaukee Bucks

Lance figures to be an interesting fit for the Bucks, as his lack of athleticism and defensive prowess, combined with his ball dominant scoring style, contrasts with the Bucks’ modern game aimed at efficiency only – spot-up three-pointers, high-percentage shots at the basket, and length on the defensive end. But, seeing as the Bucks’ second-unit offense seemed a bit lethargic at times last year and especially struggled to hold leads when neither Giannis Antetokounmpo or Khris Middleton was on the floor, a guy like Lance could always help to spark instant offense.