Kyle Shanahan tends to let John Lynch do the talking at news conferences like the one the 49ers had a week ago to announce Jimmy Garoppolo’s five-year contract. Lynch, the team’s general manager, opened the session with a 925-word introduction. Shanahan went next with 145 words. “John pretty much wrapped it all up,” the coach said. “He always says it much better than I would.” Shanahan mostly was clipped and subdued the rest of the way. However, he perked up toward the end when asked – with Garoppolo in place for 2018 – whether the 49ers should be expected to make the playoffs. “No, absolutely not,” he began, his voice gaining timbre as he sat up in his seat closer to the microphone. “There is no quick answer for anybody,” he continued. “All the favorites very rarely win it, and sometimes people think those that aren’t going to win anything surprise the heck out of everybody. This league is so balanced, so competitive, it is so hard to win in this league that you never go into a year saying, ‘All right, we’re good, we’re in the playoffs.’ You have to earn everything you get, and if you think anything differently, you will be humbled and embarrassed very quickly in this league. That’s why I’m ready to go to work.” It was Shanahan’s longest response of the news conference and one he obviously was ready – and eager – to give. Keeping expectations in check likely will be one of his biggest tasks when the season begins.