The Super Bowl is a wrap, which means it is time to break down the nitty-gritty of the 49ers offseason. We'll have plenty to discuss about potential free agent additions and draft picks, but for now, we're talking salary cap. The 49ers have some decisions to make about free agents, and part of their decision-making process will include whether or not to consider roster cuts and contract restructuring. We opened the discussion on Wednesday with a look at kicker David Akers. The 49ers kicker struggled mightily this year and is a strong candidate to be cut in 2013. You could argue he is the strongest candidate. Today, we continue this project by looking at Carlos Rogers. The 49ers cornerback has a 2013 cap figure of $7,344,531. This includes $5.5 million in base salary, $100,000 in a workout bonus and $250,000 in a roster bonus. Of the $5.5 million in base salary, $1.6 million is guaranteed, while the remainder becomes guaranteed if he is on the roster on April 1.