Amid rumors that USC quarterback Sam Darnold is unlikely to leave school following the 2017 season, one report suggests the San Francisco 49ers hope he does. Matt Miller of Bleacher Report wrote that his source in San Francisco say the “team loves Sam Darnold.” “THE USC REDSHIRT SOPHOMORE HAS STRUGGLED AT TIMES THIS YEAR WITH A DIMINISHED SUPPORTING CAST AND BY PUTTING TOO MUCH PRESSURE ON HIMSELF TO MAKE PLAYS THAT HAVE LED TO TURNOVERS. THE TALENT THAT MADE HIM A TOP PROSPECT OVER THE SUMMER IS STILL THERE, THOUGH. DARNOLD’S POISE, FOOTBALL IQ, ACCURACY AND MOBILITY WOULD BE A PERFECT MATCH FOR THE SHANAHAN OFFENSE. AND WHILE DARNOLD’S LACK OF ARM STRENGTH MIGHT BE A CONCERN IN CLEVELAND OR BUFFALO, THE CALIFORNIA KID WOULD BE RIGHT AT HOME IN SANTA CLARA.” Heading into Saturday’s game against Arizona State, Darnold had thrown 10 interceptions and lost five fumbles already in 2017.