Cornerback Dontae Johnson entered this season with six career starts in three full NFL seasons. Now, midway through his fourth year in the league, Johnson feels like a seasoned veteran and a sage to his younger teammates. “I’ve learned a lot in four seasons,” said Johnson, 25. “I try to continue to pass it on to the young guys. You’re forced to grow up in this league. I’ve been through it all. I’ve been through different coaches, different schemes and turnover, as far as players. “At the end of the day, the organization has a vision and they’re going to get the right guys in here for that vision.” Johnson has started the first nine games of the season – his final year under contract to the 49ers. It remains to be seen whether Johnson fits into the organization's vision for the future. General manager John Lynch will almost certainly attempt to upgrade the talent and dept at the cornerback position. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh recently described Johnson as a steady, reliable player. “He plays it smart, he does,” Saleh said. “He does play smart. My evaluation of him so far is he’s been very consistent.” Johnson said he is trying to focus on his job and not think about anything beyond the upcoming opponent.