The 49ers, of course, are involved in contract-extension talks with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. And the same can be said of wide receiver Michael Crabtree, although those discussions are presumably far less involved at this point. Last week, general manager Trent Baalke said the team has reached out to Crabtree’s representatives regarding an extension. At this point, it’s likely those discussions have been about getting a preliminary ballpark figure – roughly how much would it take to make a deal — from Crabtree’s camp. “We’re constantly working with our guys that are becoming free agents to see what it’s going to take to extend them,” Baalke said. “Michael’s no different. He’s a darn good football player. A guy that we drafted. And as everyone in this room knows, we are always going to try to keep our own guys rather than go out in free agency and pay guys that haven’t invested themselves in this place like these guys have.” Unlike an extension for Kaepernick, which is expected to get done before the regular season, a deal with Crabtree probably isn’t imminent: ** For starters, Crabtree, 11 months removed from tearing an Achilles which sidelined him for 11 games in 2013, isn’t in the best bargaining position.