The college football season taking place as scheduled in 2020 is by no means a sure thing at this juncture, as major conference commissioners have confirmed that games will only be played on campus if students are allowed to return amid the coronavirus pandemic. As harsh as that reality sounds, it could help out these four programs, as they are struggling to piece together solid 2020 recruiting classes despite their success in getting big names in line for 2021.

4. Minnesota

The recent success of PJ Fleck and Tanner Morgan hasn't moved the needle much in 2020, as the Golden Gophers' class ranks 36th according to 247, which is behind the likes of West Virginia and Iowa. 2021, however, is a much different story, as they are in the top 20, ahead of schools like Florida State, Oregon, and even defending champions LSU. The Gophers might be able to sustain their success into the next decade based on how 2021 is shaping up.

3. Baylor