The Indiana Pacers have made it clear that they are potentially looking at rebuilding their franchise. It is reported that Caris LeVert is going to be one of the first guys that they look to trade.

LeVert is an elite scorer but hasn’t found some of the success that many thought he was going to find this season coming off his injury a year ago. He isn’t having a bad year by any means, but she is only scoring 14.9 points per game and is shooting a career-low 25% from 3-point range. Indiana has Chris Duarte and Malcolm Brogdon so it makes sense that both of those guys are there two guards of their future.

Some teams could find Caris LeVert to be somebody who can either score at an above-average level or be the lead guy of a second unit. It would make sense that some contending teams decide to take a look at him if they can get a favorable trade package. Because LeVert has so much potential, most teams are still going to make a phone call to Indiana to see what his price would be. Let’s take a look at four teams who could decide to add the talented guard.


Los Angeles Lakers

It’s clear that the Lakers need some help this season as they are underperforming mightily. The Lakers are a disappointing 12-12 on the season and have not played anywhere near expectations. There are clearly things that they need to work on and those things are going to be addressed at the trade deadline.

Bringing in a guy like Caris LeVert could be an interesting decision from the Lakers because he either could be a starter or could be the guy to run the second unit. Some of the guys that Los Angeles brought in haven’t performed to the standard that they were hoping for. There’s definitely a concern with LeVert’s health as he has not been able to stay healthy for certain parts of his young career. This is already something that the Lakers struggle with as they have had a few guys injured to start the season. This could be a high-risk, high reward situation for the Lakers and they might decide to take it if they can get LeVert for the right price. The problem is that the Lakers do not have many trade assets in terms of players so it could be difficult to land LeVert.