After two unsuccessful seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets, Carmelo Anthony finds himself a free agent in early August with limited hope of joining an NBA team.

While Anthony's production and efficiency have declined over the past few years, his ego has not. Anthony could add depth and bench scoring to a contending roster if he had a better understanding of his role at this stage of his career.

Here are four teams Melo could actually help if he were to put his ego aside:

1. Golden State Warriors

With Klay Thompson out until at least January, the Warriors will need additional scoring until he returns. Outside of D'Angelo Russell, the Warriors had a quiet offseason and could struggle to score in Thompson's absence. Klay's vacancy in Golden State could offer Melo a chance to earn his way onto a contending team's roster.

2. Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia is another contending team that lacks depth on the wing, and Anthony fits that mold. Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Josh Richardson and Tobias Harris could all benefit from Melo's veteran presence and offensive skillset.