Each year in the NBA, there are players who are moved because they need a change of scenery. This year will be no different. The offseason saw plenty of movement with big-name players.

Kyle Lowry was moved in a sign-and-trade deal to the Miami Heat while DeMar DeRozan is now in Chicago. These were the biggest names moved because of their contract situations and need for a better spot.

It is unlikely that any more blockbuster deals happen at this point of the year but the trade deadline is always an exciting time for teams to buy or sell. Again, this year will be no different as the regular season continues to start for the rest of the league.

Last year at the trade deadline, the Magic were the team that decided to have a big sale. This included the likes of Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon. They were two players that could use a change of scenery and it could work out for both sides. There will be some new players coming up over the first half of the season.

When looking around the league, there are a handful of players that could benefit from a trade.

Let’s take a look at four players in particular who could be moved during the regular season.


Jerami Grant, Detroit Pistons

Jerami Grant is one of the recent names popular in trade rumors because of the current direction of the Detroit Pistons. They have added Cade Cunningham to a young core and this is the clear direction of the franchise. Grant might not be a long-term piece, which makes him easy to trade.

Grant is coming off a year where he averaged 22.3 points per game. This was the best statistical season of his career while showing he can lead an offense.

Jerami Grant signed a three-year deal with the Pistons last offseason but might not survive the duration. Detroit has a strong core to build around. Grant is a veteran player who would benefit a win-now team in a big way.