Corey Kispert has had an incredible senior season for the undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs.  Kispert, 22, has averaged 18.8 points per game on almost 50, 40, 90 shooting splits. He is one of the most talented shooters in the NBA draft and will be an immediate contributor at the next level. He will play in Monday’s national title game for Gonzaga after the Zags beat UCLA in a classic game on Saturday.

However, unlike most college seniors, Corey Kispert is viewed as almost a lock to go in the top 20. True contenders will have a tough time getting their hands on him because he’s not going to fall where those guys are usually drafting. There are good teams that will end up in that range for various reasons.

Corey Kispert Options:

Team 1: Golden State Warriors

Corey Kispert knows the Golden State Warriors are not contenders this year. Klay Thompson has been injured for the whole season and they have missed him dearly. The rest of the team, aside from Steph Curry, has really struggled to play well consistently. They could end up with two lottery picks this year depending on where the Minnesota Timberwolves picks fall. That could give them two shots to take a player like Kispert.