With the latest San Antonio Spurs rumors suggesting DeMar DeRozan could be on the move in a sign-and-trade deal this summer, it’s worth exploring which suitors would be most likely to acquire the veteran All-Star.

Using Fanspo.com’s NBA trade machine, and projecting DeRozan’s new contract to be worth $30 million per year — a generous, round number — here are four ideal scenarios in which DeRozan finds a new team and gets the Spurs something back in return.


DeMar DeRozan chases championship on Brooklyn Nets

Spurs get: Kyrie Irving — OR: DeAndre Jordan and Joe Harris

Nets get: DeMar DeRozan

This is where things get rather interesting. Considering that James Harden is fully capable of playing as the lead guard alongside Kevin Durant, if anyone on the Brooklyn Nets’ Big Three were to be traded, it’d be Kyrie Irving.

Also worth noting: Gregg Popovich seems like the perfect coach to work with Irving, get his mind in the best possible place and cultivate his growth as a player and person. Acquiring Irving would immediately bring excitement to the Spurs’ franchise.

DeRozan is a capable playmaker but would function just fine at the 2 or 3 spot in a lineup with Durant and Harden. He’d bring more rebounding to the court as well, which is something the Nets definitely need.

If Brooklyn wants to run it back with Irving, KD and Harden, then DeRozan could still be had if the Nets traded away Joe Harris and DeAndre Jordan. Maybe kick in a first-round pick for good measure, if necessary.