After being handed the keys to a program that was ranked in the Top 5 for 13 straight years, plays in an easy conference, and won a championship half a decade ago, Willie Taggart was put out of his misery after winning just nine of his 21 games in Tallahassee. The seat on these four college football coaches was just as hot as Taggart's was before he got the axe, and should be even hotter now that the first domino has fallen.

4. Charlie Strong, USF

He should never have left Louisville. After fizzling out at Texas, Strong was supposed to rebuild himself at USF. After going 10-2 in his first year and starting out last season 7-0, Strong and the Bulls have gone just 4-10 since in a cold streak that would make Mark Richt blush. Strong has almost ruined USF's reputation as one of the best Group of Five schools in the country, and a change of leadership in Tampa is necessary of the Bulls want to get out of neutral.