There are reports that Evander Kane is open to a long-term extension with the Edmonton Oilers. If true, that’s great news for Kane fans and Oilers Nation who believe the team is much better with him than without. But, in the event that Kane goes back to the San Jose Sharks or he tests free agency and signs elsewhere, it would be a smart idea for Oilers’ general manager Ken Holland to have a backup plan in place.

Is there a handful of players out there that would be suitable replacements for Kane? Some may cost less and some may cost more, but these would all be forwards who could make the Oilers a better team in the short-term, something Holland is clearly focused on. If he’s willing to clear space and spend big on Kane, perhaps he’s willing to do the same for these players.


Will Claude Giroux Come Out West?

A report surfaced on Monday from The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun that the Oilers were looking at Claude Giroux in free agency. He writes:

There are clubs lurking, hoping to have a chance at Giroux, 34, come July 13. One of those teams, I’m told, is the Edmonton Oilers. In the event that the Oilers can’t re-sign Evander Kane, I was told over the weekend that the Oilers have internally discussed the merits of trying to sign Giroux. He has played primarily wing the last few years, but also remains a top faceoff guy and still obviously impactful offensively.

There’s every reason to believe Giroux could do a lot of what Kane did when he joined the Oilers last season. Giroux is a top-six forward all day long. He’s been a 100-plus point player in his career and when he joined the Florida Panthers in a trade deadline deal he turned up the volume and improved his numbers while playing with talented players.

His experience and leadership would be a welcome addition and if he signs, it’s because he believes the Oilers can win it all and not just because he wants to pad his stats.