There's no doubt to anyone who has graced the grandstands of Wrigley Field in the last 5 years that the beloved stadium was in need of some tender loving care. Take for example those nets that were designed to catch the chunks of falling concrete in the upper level seating – they're a prime example of the progressive degeneration that time and the elements can take on a structure. And while nets are certainly not a long term solution, the Cubs have been looking to touch up Wrigley for a long time. There's been some pretty obvious hurdles to leap including one from the city of Chicago's municipal government. As you know, the city places restrictions on the Cubs to host night games, to host neighborhood events, to advertise in certain ways etc and this has owner Tom Ricketts a little upset. It's been made perfectly clear that the Ricketts ownership group want to pay for this renovation out of pocket should the city of Chicago lift their restrictions on the club. It's a very significant detriment to the team as it in inhibits their potential to generate revenue while a lot of other baseball clubs don't have to tolerate such restrictions. In theory, if the city of Chicago considers Wrigley a "museum" and they could then place significant taxes on the operations of Wrigley – all the while not contributing a single dime to the renovations of the stadium. This seems slightly unfair, and the ownership has expressed their desire to fund this project alone. I see no issue with their business goals or their choice route towards achieving a renovated stadium.