In the NBA, talent reigns supreme. With that said, talent alone doesn’t win NBA championships.

Roster construction counts too. To win it all, a team doesn’t merely need talented players. They need talented players who fit alongside one another.

As it stands, the Dallas Mavericks have an oddly constructed roster. Effectively, this team is made up of Luka Doncic and a band of role players. That’s a recipe for success, but it’s probably not one that will yield an NBA championship.

The Mavericks may not have the pieces or cap space to land Doncic’s co-star this summer. Still, they could use an extra wing.

With a glut of decent big men and some solid guards, that’s the biggest hole on this roster at the moment.

Here are three wing targets we think they should be looking at this summer.


OG Anunoby

OG Anunoby’s availability this summer has come into question.