The Chicago Bears are going to be big spenders during free agency in 2023. They are lapping the field when it comes to available cap space as the second closest team, the Atlanta Falcons, is more than $34 million behind them in projected space.

With that kind of money to spend, the Bears are in a great position to make some big acquisitions this offseason. There are plenty of holes on the roster to fill, evident by their 3-14 record during the 2022 season. Arguably the biggest is at wide receiver.

Chicago has to upgrade the weapons around Justin Fields if they want him to take that next step in his development. We have seen what adding veteran wide receivers has done for other young quarterbacks around the league and it is time for Fields to benefit the same way.

Who could the Bears set their targets on? Here are three wide receivers that they should pursue in free agency.


3. Jakobi Meyers

There may not be a wide receiver in a better position heading into the offseason than Jakobi Meyers.