The Miami Dolphins have themselves in quite the quarterback quandary just days away from the 2020 NFL draft. The Dolphins face that classic quarterback dichotomy, as they could either go with the finished product in Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa or the upside in Oregon's Justin Herbert. Miami might be better served taking Herbert over Tagovailoa, as evidenced by these three traits in which Herbert has the upper hand over the Alabama southpaw.

3. Athleticism

Even though Marcus Arroyo's offense didn't use his legs much until the end of the season, Herbert is one of the best quarterbacks in this class at using his athletic ability to escape pressure situations and make plays on the move. When you compare the fact that a guy who can move like that is also 6-6 and 235 pounds, it's easy to see why everyone and their grandmother is talking about Herbert's pro potential.