It’s not hard to find a photoshopped image of NBA All-Star Bradley Beal in a different team’s uniform on the internet.

After all, the star off-guard has been the subject of trade rumors for years. It makes sense. His Wizards have struggled to advance in the playoffs during his time there.

Eventually, it feels inevitable that this team will rebuild.

On the other hand, nothing is inevitable in the NBA. The Wizards do roster several intriguing young players. What if they coupled some of them with some draft capital in a bid to land Beal a co-star?

As a dangerous off-ball and on-ball threat, Bradley Beal could fit alongside any number of players. He’s a versatile offensive player who would compliment any co-star.

Here is a look at three we’d love to see him team up with.


Dejounte Murray

One aspect of Bradley Beal’s game that’s pretty unexceptional is his defense. He’s not necessarily a major liability on that end, but he isn’t an asset either. A backcourt partner like Dejounte Murray to handle the point of attack would benefit Beal tremendously.

After all, Murray was an elite perimeter defender even before last year’s breakout season. Now, he’s one of the best two-way point guards in the entire NBA.