New Orleans Saints receiver Michael Thomas became the highest paid player at his position when he signed a five-year, $100 million extension on Wednesday morning. This deal may be great for Thomas, but it's even better for high-profile receivers still under contract. Once their deals expire, they will get all kinds of money thrown at them after this extension was signed. Here is a look at three wideouts who will likely reap the benefits of Thomas' good fortune:

1. Amari Cooper

Since Amari Cooper was a rookie in the NFL in 2015, he has been named to three Pro Bowls. Thomas, on the other hand, has only been a Pro Bowler twice in his three-year career. Cooper is also several months younger than Thomas. You can expect Cooper to use MT's mega deal as leverage when it's time to renegotiate his contract.

2. Julio Jones

Julio Jones is widely considered the best wide receiver in the NFL, yet he is only making close to $10 million annually.