Deshaun Watson has had as rocky of a run in the last two years as any quarterback in NFL history. After a 2020 season that saw praise from many, the quarterback soon faced a long list of women who accused him of sexual misconduct. Between that and wanting a trade, the quarterback sat out the 2021 season.

Over the next year, the quarterback slowly whittled down his massive legal backlog until it reached a point where the NFL could settle with a final suspension. The final decision is still pending, but the quarterback is banking on seeing the field this season. With the season right around the corner, fans are starting to think pragmatically about his prospects. How will the quarterback fare in 2022?

Some think he will be a breakout success immediately, while others think he'll be a bust. While he's had good seasons in his career before, multiple signs point to the quarterback being a bust in 2022.

Between the rust, pressure, and the under the radar fact that his decline began in Houston, the quarterback has too much to overcome to hit the ground running, or even upright in 2022. Here's why the quarterback is on course for a rough outing this season, assuming he does make it into a regular season game.

#1 - Rust

Anyone who has stepped away from a job for a sizable length of time and returned will remark just how quick rust can set in. That rust can take a long time to wear off, as well. The brain tends to forget things it deems unnecessary, which is where the term "use it or lose it" comes from.