On Wednesday’s episode of random NBA drama in the off season, Fox Sports’ analyst Nick Wright and Kyrie Irving got into a confrontational Twitter exchange. Wright, who first proposed that a Kyrie Irving for Ben Simmons trade deal would make sense, continues to believe that this transaction is best for the Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers.

However, there are a bunch of reasons why this trade would never happen in the first place. For one, Kevin Durant and Irving are great friends and one of the biggest reasons why the former joined Brooklyn in the first place. It’s also unlikely that two teams in the same conference like the Nets and the Sixers would get on the phone or break bread and trade assets. It’s just not how it works in the NBA.

So in the wake of all this possible trade talk, Wright tweeted on Wednesday that his sources believe that Irving will consider retiring if he is dealt to another team. Pretty bold move for a 29-year-old who has yet to win a championship outside of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Kyrie Irving then replied to Wright by tweeting a puppet GIF, probably indicating that the latter may have a different agenda. 

But in fairness to Wright, his trade proposal of Ben Simmons for Irving actually really makes sense for both teams. Here are three  reasons why Nick Wright was right about his trade proposal:


The Nets could really use Simmons’ skillset 

Ben Simmons has become a punching bag in the past few months because of his disastrous playoff performance last season. Yes, he still cannot shoot but that doesn’t mean he’s an overrated player that can’t make an impact on a team anymore. Simmons is, after all, still an elite defender. He can guard 1-5 and was even close to winning last season’s defensive player of the year award.