The Detroit Tigers expected impressive results after signing former Chicago Cubs standout Javier Baez over the offseason. Detroit inked the All-Star shortstop to a 6-year, $140 million dollar deal. The Tigers believed he was a star they could build a winner around. Experts around MLB believed the team was destined to finally contend during the 2022 campaign with Baez leading the charge. Instead, Javier Baez has emerged as the Russell Westbrook of MLB.

Westbrook was traded to the Lakers in the 2021 NBA offseason. Los Angeles was favored to win the West with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook at the helm. But the Lakers ultimately missed the postseason after a disastrous performance from Westbrook.

So how are Baez and Westbrook similar? Here are 3 reasons Javier Baez is the Russell Westbrook of MLB.


Former All-Stars turned outcasts

Both Westbrook and Baez are former All-Stars. They have made a combined 11 All-Star teams between their respective sports. However, both have faltered with age.

Russell Westbrook became known as a turnover machine who shot for a low field goal percentage with the Lakers a season ago.