The quarterback situation for the Washington Football Team has been a question mark for a while now and the solution for this season was the longtime journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick. Unfortunately for Fitzpatrick and the Football Team, he will miss at least the next three weeks (one report says it’s likely six to eight weeks) after being placed on injured reserve following a Week 1 injury.

The solution for replacing Ryan Fitzpatrick is simple. Bring in Cam Newton. It makes sense and here are a few reasons why.


1. Head Coach Ron Rivera and Cam Newton know each other very well

A lot of times when a quarterback like Newton is available in season they aren’t signed because it takes a while for quarterbacks to get acclimated to playing in a new system with new coaches. Luckily for the Washington Football Team, Newton and Rivera spent time together from 2011 to 2019 with the Carolina Panthers so reuniting makes sense. This begs the question of why this hasn’t happened yet but, maybe Ron Rivera just hasn’t been desperate enough to convince the Washington front office to bring him in.

The two could have reunited in the past, but instead the Football Team has opted to bring in guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick or roll with Dwayne Haskins. It’s at least worth a shot to bring in Newton now.