The Atlanta Braves are off to a difficult 2022 campaign following their World Series victory over the Astros from a season ago. Atlanta will likely be fine down the stretch, but it is clear they are in the midst of a World Series hangover in the post-Freddie Freeman era. Teams often struggle out of the gates following a season in which they won a championship in their respective sport. Sports fans tend to refer to them as hangovers, hence the Braves World Series hangover.

So what has led to their poor play? Today, we are taking a look at 3 reasons Atlanta is laboring in 2022.


3. Freddie Freeman’s Departure Created a Culture Change

The Braves had a leader to rely on last season when times were tough. When Ronald Acuna Jr went down with injury mid-season in 2021, Freddie Freeman was there to gather the troops and lead them to a postseason run despite the circumstances. It was one of the prime examples of why Freeman was such a valuable piece to the puzzle in Atlanta.

Sure, he was a great player on the diamond. But he brought a certain type of character that people respected and wanted to follow. Freeman wasn’t a forceful leader, but people gravitated to him.

It is unclear who that guy is now for the Braves. Some people believed Dansby Swanson could step into that role and maybe he has. But Swanson has his own individual struggles to worry about this season. Ronald Acuna Jr is another candidate but he is just 24-years old.