In the press conference after their heartbreaking defeat, Phoenix Suns star guard immediately cut off all speculations by declaring that he won’t be retiring. However, this hasn’t stopped rumors from flying out and about. Paul is clearly at the tail end of his career. Fans want him to at least snag one ring before he calls it quits. Some of them believe that he can achieve this goal by moving to a team that’s ready to win the title.

However, there are three good reasons why Paul must stay with the Phoenix Suns despite their heartbreaking defeat. The entire league seems pretty evened out right now. While there are some super teams present, the Suns and Paul are still a step above them.


The Suns Have The Pieces

Analysts have been praising Paul for imparting wisdom and knowledge to the Suns’ young players and jumpstarting their development. This will be one of the talking points when we look back at Paul’s legacy: how he was able to guide a roster of young players (with the Sun and the Oklahoma City Thunder) to overachieve.

While there’s no discounting the greatness of Paul, we also have to point out that mentorship goes both ways. At the end of the day, Paul’s words don’t mean anything if his teammates prove that they’ve absorbed the lessons by showing it come game time. The Suns were able to do just that. Their regular-season record and playoff campaign prove it.

This means that the Suns already have the pieces. Yes, the Suns have young players but they are experienced enough to be on the same plane with the Point God. This offseason, Devin Booker will continue to put in the work to become the best scorer in the league, Deandre Ayton who will continue to iron out his play, and the rest of the team will follow suit.