The Los Angeles Lakers have certainly not played to the capability that many fans and players of their team were hoping for this season. Some of their struggles can be because they have not been able to stay healthy, but other teams have had similar injuries.

Coming into the season, many people thought that the Lakers were going to be able to win an NBA championship. Through about the halfway part of the season, it doesn’t seem likely that this Lakers team can win a championship with their current roster.

There are many questions about this Lakers team so let’s take a look at the three biggest questions revolving around the Lakers organization this season.

Lakers Questions 2022

3. What moves need to be made?

There are clearly areas that the Lakers are going to need to improve on this season and the first thing that they are going to look for at the trade deadline is going out and getting guys who can defend at a high level.

Many of their players at the moment are later in their careers and they just do not defend the same way that they did back when they were in the earlier stages of their playing careers.