The Miami Heat have been one of the most slept-on teams all season this year. It is questionable why people are not giving the Heat the credit that they deserve because they have been playing like one of the best teams in basketball, despite all of the injuries that they have had to overcome.

The Heat did not perform to what they were hoping for last season as they were swept by the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs. The season before that, they made an NBA Finals. There is no reason to think right now that this Heat team cannot win an NBA championship.

Just like every other contending team in the NBA, there are many questions about this Heat team. Let’s take a look at the three biggest questions about this Heat team this season.

Heat Questions 2022

3. Do they have a guy who can take over the game?

This is probably the biggest question about the Heat and it might sound crazy to some people. There have been many questions about if Jimmy Butler is really that guy who can take over a game. We have seen him do this before in his career including the NBA bubble where he carried this Heat team to an NBA final.

Although the Heat might not have a guy that can take over a game like the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, or the Philadelphia 76ers, they still have a very good option in Jimmy Butler.

Miami doesn’t necessarily need somebody to come out and score 35-plus points per night come playoff time. The reason for this is because they play elite-level defense and they also have some guys who can shoot the 3-point shot at a high level.