Chris Paul has landed with the Oklahoma City Thunder after the Houston Rockets traded him for Russell Westbrook on Thursday, yet the dime maestro is likely to find another home soon before the start of the 2019-20 season.

These are three potential scenarios that could work out for the 33-year-old floor general:

Miami Heat

The Heat are once again at the forefront of negotiations to acquire their point guard of the future after they struck out on their chance to acquire Westbrook earlier on Thursday.

Miami is reportedly still hellbent in taking rookie Tyler Herro and center Bam Adebayo off the table, but are open to move forward Justise Wiinslow, who played the point guard position during the latter part of the season.

A potential pairing of Paul and firecracker Jimmy Butler could seem of the same concern of pairing Butler with Westbrook, but that is certainly not the case. Some assume crazy and crazy simply won’t work out, but it’s pairing the same types of crazy that ultimately make some of the deadliest combinations.

Unlike a pair of AAA batteries, Paul and Butler are of the same polarity and their “crazy” revolves on the same dogged competitive spirit that will have them do whatever it takes to win a basketball game.

While some could argue Westbrook is of a similar mindset, the Venice Beach native believes in doing it all for a win, which is distinctively different from doing whatever is asked of him to make that happen.

Paul and Butler are wired through the same cable circuit, a coincidence that could help them thrive as teammates. Both veterans are savvy with the ball and have a mastery of the mid-range game built into their basketball fiber, which only make them that much more intriguing of a pairing.

If the Heat can bend their desire to keep both Herro and Adebayo and concede in order to trade for Paul, they could ultimately have the point guard they’ve been looking for all offseason long.

Detroit Pistons

This is simply my ambition to see just how much crazy we could pack on a trade.

Paul forcing his way out of the L.A. Clippers to wind up in Houston with James Harden, only to end up in OKC and then be consequently dealt to the Detroit Pistons to land right back alongside Blake Griffin would be NBA comedy at its finest, straight out of a Cam Magruder free agency special.