Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma sounds like he will be playing elsewhere next season. As the front office looks to upgrade the roster, Kuzma is one of the only tradeable pieces they have at their disposal, so he has been mentioned in plenty of trade rumors this NBA offseason.

There is also the discontent between him and LeBron James that was mentioned by Colin Cowherd. Cowherd said that Kuzma and James do not get along so that in itself could have him on the move this offseason.

While his value may have decreased some because of his performance, or lack thereof, in the postseason, there are still plenty of teams that would take a player of Kuzma’s character. While the stats don’t always show it, he has made strides throughout his career with the Lakers.

He showed in his first two seasons that he can be a bonafide scorer in this league. In recent seasons, with fewer scoring opportunities, he has made improvements as a playmaker and defender.

Kuzma will turn 26 in the coming days, so there is still time for him to develop and round out the rest of his game, but it will likely come with a new organization.

Which teams could acquire Kyle Kuzma this offseason? Here are three potential trades we’d love to see centered around Kuzma.


Indiana Pacers

If the Los Angeles Lakers go the route of trying to acquire a center, they could call the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers are considering moving center Myles Turner this offseason and the Lakers would be smart to get in on the trade talks.

Acquiring Turner would give the Lakers two versatile big men. While other teams are going small, the Lakers would stick with the jumbo frontcourt that helped them win an NBA title in the Orlando Bubble. Turner and Anthony Davis would have no problems playing alongside each other.

Both are menaces defensively, as they can switch on the perimeter or protect the rim. Turner is arguably the best rim protector in the NBA, leading the league with 3.4 blocks per game this season and 2.7 per game during the 2018-19 season.

Offensively, Turner’s ability to spread the court would help open things up for the Lakers, who struggled shooting 3-pointers last season.

Kyle Kuzma would find a spot in the Pacers’ rotation as their go-to scorer on the wing. He would give the team some insurance in case Doug McDermott leaves in free agency or T.J. Warren is unable to return to form.