Both the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers are in a terrible shape right now. The Lakers were looking promising as usual during the offseason but started out 3-10 in their first 13 games. On the other hand, the Warriors are just slightly above in the standings with an underwhelming 5-8 overall record and an 0-7 mark on the road.

Perennial All-Star big man Anthony Davis has been arguably the only consistent player on the current Lakers squad. Given Golden State’s lack of talent in the frontcourt, it only makes sense that they pull off a trade for AD.

The Warriors are the most valuable franchise in the league today and they could surely leverage a deal for Davis. However, they would need to go and do a deep dive on their roster in the process.

Let’s take a look at some of the Warriors players who could be included in a trade proposal for Davis.


Golden State Warriors need a big man overhaul involving Kevon Looney or James Wiseman

Golden State won the chip last season without a prime, All-Star-caliber center. While it seemed to have worked out in the past, it is becoming more and more apparent that Stephen Curry needs some impactful help from the frontcourt.

As it stands, the Warriors have a pair of big men in their rotation who haven’t been making any significant contributions on the floor, Kevon Looney and James Wiseman.

Looney has been with the Warriors since 2016 but even to this day, his numbers are yet to impress the organization. For eight straight seasons, Looney never reached double digits in rebounds, and has barely blocked a shot per game.