Being an NBA superstar is an amazing job but, sadly, it’s not one that people have for very long.

Unlike other careers, basketball pros are only in the limelight for a brief time.

Due to the physical demands and competitiveness within the league, NBA players are usually retired well before they hit 40.

That means that they only get a few years to really shine and every season counts.

Some players achieve a lot in their first few years and sometimes wear a championship ring before they even hit 25 years old.

Others waste away on teams that aren’t reaching their full potential and watch NBA Finals come and go with little-to-no success.

Which current NBA stars are being held prisoner by lacking teams and feel the clock ticking away?


3. Damian Lillard

You shouldn’t be surprised to see Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers on this list.

It seems like everyone in the NBA knows that Lillard is being wasted in Portland – including Lillard himself.

Recently there have been many rumors that he is finally ready to make the leap and leave his team if things don’t get changed soon.

The star point guard is 31 years old and has been an outstanding player for years now.