Villarreal had a fairytale of the season. This club from a small Spanish town won hearts with their run to the Champions League semifinal. For 15 minutes between the halves in the second leg, people believed that the mighty Liverpool will be humbled. Unfortunately for the Yellow Submarine, they were outclassed in the second half. Now, they await a summer of uncertainty, as any smaller team with a season of success behind them. To keep the consistency up, they need to make some moves. Here are the three moves Villarreal must make in the 2022 summer transfer window.


Keep Arnaut Danjuma

Whenever a smaller team, not part of the European elite, makes a huge run, they get picked off. For instance, when Leicester City won their title a few years back, they slowly lost the crux of their team. A similar thing might happen with Villarreal, although theirs is a team of savvy veterans, rather than players in their prime. One player in his prime and a guy that could be interesting is Arnaut Danjuma, and they need to keep him. He is a Dutch winger that decimated sides in Spain and in Europe, finishing with 16 goals across all competitions. He outperformed Gerard Moreno, Spain’s first-choice striker and Villarreal starman.

Now, the offers will come in and Villarreal might be tempted to give him up. However, no amount of money will replace his contribution. Additionally, there is no young talent on the Villarreal roster or one they could buy, that could do what Danjuma has done so well. Additionally, if they were to keep him one more season, Villarreal could attack the Europa League title again, after winning it in 2021, and increase the price of the Dutchman even more. For this summer, their first aim will be to just keep him there and to keep making sure he gets the best chances to showcase his talent.