Before and during the current NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers made moves that were widely considered upgrades when they happened. Unfortunately, that hasn’t actually always been the case. Some of the team’s additions haven’t always led to big returns.

One of the most hyped moves the Lakers made was signing Andre Drummond after the trade deadline. The two-time All-Star was considered to be the best player on the buyout market and was supposed to be a massive upgrade over Marc Gasol. While Drummond hasn’t been bad, he hasn’t been very consistent. He’s set to be a free agent at the end of the season and Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report listed him as one of the three Lakers who need to “boost” their value in the playoffs.

“Still, his size and athleticism could sway some suitors his way with a strong postseason,” Buckley wrote. “If he uses that stage to showcase better defensive feel and a willingness to fill the rim-running role, he could still fetch a decent contract this summer.”

Drummond is only averaging 11.9 points a game with 9.8 rebounds. Those would be his lowest averages since his rookie season if they hold up. He can do a lot to help his value in the playoffs but the Lakers went away from using too many bigs last year. It’s very possible Drummond doesn’t see the type of money he was hoping for this offseason.