The Los Angeles Lakers would love to trade Russell Westbrook this NBA offseason. That is not a controversial statement.

Relitigating the former MVP’s career feels unfair. Being honest about his current place in the league’s pecking order does not. Westbrook’s inefficient shooting and propensity for turnovers have sunk his current standing in the league.

Accordingly, his trade value has plummeted as well. Still, there might be hope for the Lakers yet. Westbrook is on an expiring deal: some team desperate to clear cap room in the near future could value him.

Particularly if the Lakers are willing to attach first-round picks in the package. They’ve got plenty of incentive to do so. So far, they are reportedly unwilling to do so, but it’s early in the offseason and desperation may set in at some point.

With LeBron James still producing and approaching the age of retirement, they need to win now at any cost. Not wasting any more time with Westbrook hoping he can magically turn things around would be a wise move for the Lakers.

Finding a taker for Westbrook would be a good start. Here are three new trade ideas that find that happening.

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: F Harrison Barnes, G Terry Rozier

Charlotte Hornets Receive: C Richaun Holmes, G/F Justin Holiday, G Jeremy Lamb

Sacramento Kings Receive: G Russell Westbrook, F/C P.J. Washington, 2027 First-Round Pick (LAL)

Sometimes, identifying a trade partner is just about identifying needs. The Charlotte Hornets need a center. This trade lands them one in Holmes. They also need to clear future cap space. This deal helps with that. Next summer, P.J. Washington will hit restricted free agency. He’s likely to command more than the $11.2 million Richaun Holmes is locked into.