There is a very real possibility that Houston Rockets guard John Wall could be wearing a different uniform for the 2022-2023 season.

Five-time All-Star John Wall has played a total of 40 games over the last three seasons due to a torn Achilles, an infection, and most recently a hamstring issue. In the two seasons prior to 2019-2020, he played in 73 games for the Washington Wizards. Suffice to say, Wall is as injury-prone over the last five years as any player in the NBA.

It was that problem that led the Wizards to trade him to Houston after nine seasons and that is why the Rockets have been stuck with him as he slowly recovers from his variety of ailments. For the most part, he’s been a completely untradable asset. However, heading into the final season of his deal, he has regained trade value because of his expiring contract.

Despite a $47 million dollar payday coming to him in 2022-2023, there are teams in the league who may take a flyer on a one-season tryout to get cap flexibility long-term. Let’s take a look at three possible trade scenarios involving John Wall that could benefit the Houston Rockets and another team.


New York Knicks trade an All-Star to get cap flexibility

Trade: Julius Randle, Kemba Walker, and Alec Burks to Houston, John Wall and 17th pick in 2022 to New York

The New York Knicks’ strategy over the last few years has been about improving while maintaining cap flexibility for the possibility that a superstar talent — Damian Lillard or Donovan Mitchell — ask to be traded. After an MVP caliber season two years ago, Julius Randle regressed back to borderline All-Star status this season and is back in the tradable zone. Houston could certainly benefit from a player of his talent level, even with multiple years left on his contract.

A Wall trade for the Knicks would be a move to allow talented forward Obi Toppin to start alongside young star RJ Barrett, and build their young crop of talent while trying to plug their point guard hole short term. Plus, Wall could be used in a trade deadline deal before he comes off the books after the upcoming season.